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Does MyPillow help with migraines? 

If you've ever experienced migraine headaches or know of someone that has then you might have a small idea of how devastating they can sometimes be. So, does my pillow help with migraines? If this is a question you've been asking yourself lately, then you're in luck because you're just at the right place. This article will attempt to explain to you whether your pillow does actually help with migraines.

It can be hard to say that most of your migraine problems sometimes come from using a bad pillow, however, the reality is that that bad pillow might just be the cause of all your problems. It's not certain what causes migraines but there are several different things that can trigger them.

How MyPillow Helps

Research has shown that irritation or damage to the nerves found at the bottom of your head or neck will usually give rise to pain in the neck, face and head. This usually acts as the most common trigger for migraines. The most ideal pillow is one that manages to keep your vertebrae in its natural and correct position as well as one that minimizes any and all nerve irritations which will, in turn, protect your spinal health in the long term.

SleepMentor wrote in a blog post that regular pillows(like MyPillow), most often than not, tend not to have adequate support structure for the neck region. They usually tend to place your head at awkward angles or go completely flat the longer you use them. Lack of good neck support systems will inevitably lead to added strain in that region. This is what may then lead to the triggering of migraines.

Getting a pillow that is designed and manufactured to do away with neck pain will normally have the proper support structure for your neck. Some will contain a contour design feature which is usually meant to hold your neck's natural curve. Others might have raised sides and concaved centers which generally offer the neck area with some added support.


Memory foam pillows are by far the most popular option when it comes to picking the best pillows. The special ability they have to mold into your body's unique contour are unrivaled and is ideal for those that suffer from migraines. It eliminates the pressure points that usually cause irritation and stress found in the regular pillow which is the main reason why this option is what those that suffer from migraines should consider. And with that, the question, does my pillow help with migraines is answered.